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Outdoor acivities for groups in the Gorges du Tarn

Outoor activities fo groups, gorges du Tarn, south of France
The Gorges du Tarn are one of the most striking jewels of our region. Close to Toulouse and Clermont-Ferrand in the south of France, it is THE place to be for group activities in the heart of nature...

Whether it is supervised or autonomous activities, there is something for everyone: companies for team building days, schools, camps, communities or any group in general!

Canoe 2000 gives you an overview of the ideal activities to do in a group.

Activities in autonomy

Canoeing and kayaking

Canoeing or kayaking is the ideal group outing to enjoy the Gorges du Tarn. We offer different circuits to suit everyone's wishes: team building days for companies, outings with friends or family, schools.... This allows you to practice this activity independently!

The paddle

The paddle, or Stand Up Paddle, is another way to tackle the Tarn. Take a paddle, a board, keep your balance... And relax! Solo, in duo or in a group of 5 people on your boat, discover different sensations from canoeing.

The mini-raft

Mini rafting is best done independently. It is a safe activity that takes place on a river classified as a beginner's river. It is in spring, when the Tarn is most lively, that the activity is most fun. Hen parties, stag parties, companies... it is the ideal activity to live unforgettable sensations in group!

Supervised activities

We also offer many supervised activities. Whether you are a camp, a company, a school looking for a school outing... Everyone will find the right outdoor group activity!

Canoeing, kayaking or rafting?

Canoeing and kayaking are also supervised by independent instructors with state certification. With circuits of different lengths, this is an activity that everyone can do.

Unlike mini-raft, rafting is a supervised activity. Discover this fun activity with Aqualoisir between Les Vignes and Le Rozier from 6 years old.

Caving, canyoning or via ferrata in spring, on a weekend

Come and discover the different outdoor sports and the natural riches of our territory. On the water or in the air, under the shadow of the vultures, the instructors' office will accompany you. Certified by the French Federation of Speleology in caving and canyoning, they ensure that your activities are completely safe.

Discover the underground world with caving. An enigmatic place full of legends, it is the hidden face of the Gorges du Tarn and the Grands Causses. Create shadows on the walls, then listen to the sound effects of water drops in this mysterious place.

Over the years and the flow of water, the Lozère massif has become a real natural playground. With the formation of gorges, waterfalls, pools and natural slides, it is the ideal place to try canyoning! The diversity of nature makes it possible to adapt this sport to all publics, it is however essential to know how to swim.

Get some height with the via ferrata! The adventure begins in the village of Sainte Enimie, one of the "most beautiful villages in France". We provide you with all the necessary safety equipment (helmet, harness, pulley...). Your group will of course be supervised by a qualified instructor. Vertigo, adrenaline and wonder will punctuate your day!

The beautiful days are here, it's time to take advantage of all that the Gorges du Tarn have to offer! Team building days for companies, activities for schools or camps, outings with friends or family... Whether you are supervised or on your own, the Gorges are the ideal place to gather and spend unforgettable moments. Want to know more about outdoor activities for groups ?

Contact us, we will be happy to show you our region on the water or in the air...

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