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The Gorges du Tarn: family canoe trips

Descentes en canoë et kayak en famille dans les Gorges du Tarn, La Malène en Lozère avec Canoë 2000
Seduced by the magical environment of the Gorges du Tarn, you've chosen to set down your bags in one of the picturesque villages along the river.
It's the height of summer, the weather's perfect and you're overcome by a mad desire to sample the joys of outdoor activities.
And to start with, you're planning to go canoeing down the Gorges du Tarn.

This is an ideal activity for the whole family. And your children are dreaming of sliding down the meandering river.

And if there's one more thing you need to convince you, it's that Canoë 2000 offers a completely carbon-free package!

Carbon-free outdoor activities: canoeing and mountain biking

Tourism has a reputation for being a major carbon emitter.
By choosing Canoë 2000, you are choosing to reduce your carbon footprint during your trips through the Gorges du Tarn.

What's on offer? Electric mountain bike rides!

Set off to discover the wonders of this extraordinary site on an electric mountain bike and come back gliding along the waters of the Tarn. No combustion engine, no CO2 emissions.
But the thrills are just as good as ever!

Whether it's canoeing or mountain biking, the routes are easy and perfectly suited to families with children aged 12 and over.
Canoë 2000 is your preferred service provider if you want to enjoy outdoor activities in the Gorges du Tarn.

As a member of the Canoë France group, we offer recent, high-quality equipment for hire.

And we're proud to be committed to local development and responsible tourism.

The Gorges du Tarn: the ideal setting for your outdoor activities

The Canoë 2000 base is located in La Malène, a picturesque local village in the Lozère.
This is the meeting point for hiring your canoeing equipment.

It's here that we'll advise you and suggest the best circuit to combine the pleasure of discovery and sporting activity.

We are at home in the Gorges du Tarn.
We know every bend in the river and the smallest hidden beach.
Don't hesitate to ask us any questions or seek our advice.

And if you don't, why not set off to discover these majestic gorges. You'll admire the cliffs and be stunned by the richness and diversity of the flora and fauna.

In the Gorges du Tarn, you can enjoy all the outdoor activities you love.
But above all, don't hesitate to come into contact with the waters, sometimes calm, other times more agitated, of this river with its dizzying and dazzling course.

The Gorges du Tarn are full of surprises and dazzling sights.
Choose the type of boat that suits you best and set off to discover these magnificent panoramas.
For your canoe trip, choose a trip lasting one or more days.

The waters of the Tarn await you...

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