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Lovers of freedom, you will prefer kayaking

Canoeing in the Gorges du Tarn in Aveyron, Canoe 2000
It's summer in the south of France and another hot day is on the way.
Will you choose, like the families looking for cool spots, a day of idleness by the river?
Or would you prefer a solo trip on the peaceful waters of the Gorges du Tarn, in a kayak...

If you're more tempted by the second option, with Canoe 2000 there are many possibilities.

  • Discovery trips, if all you need is a breath of fresh air;
  • Day trips to take your time in grandiose sites, accessible only by the river;
  • Canoeing trips in the Tarn Gorges over several days, to fully enjoy your trip on the water.

Kayaking, the freedom to sail

Just imagine...
You are alone in your boat.
You savour the pleasure of hearing only the rustle of leaves dancing in the wind.
At the bend of a meander, a light breeze caresses the surface of the water and makes you enjoy a welcome coolness.
Sitting in your canoe, with your feet resting on the holds, you glide along. Quietly. Silently.

Solidly installed in the current, your boat takes you with ease to places you would never have discovered otherwise...

Safety and the freedom to go where you want are the promises of a canoeing trip in the Gorges du Tarn.

The kayak was originally developed by the indigenous people of the Arctic regions. The Inuit used these canoes to hunt seals and even whales. That's how handy this type of boat is!

Here, in the Gorges du Tarn, there is no hunting or fishing of this kind.

Perhaps you will simply come across a trout or a pike which will not have heard you arrive.

The Gorges du Tarn: a paradise for kayakers

In the heart of a canyon bordered by vertiginous cliffs, gliding alone in your kayak is a privileged moment.

At Canoe 2000, you can hire your boat for a 2-hour descent or a trip lasting several days.

A weekend trip on the water in the Gorges du Tarn, for example, is a unique experience for those who love the beauty of wide-open spaces and tranquillity.

We can help you plan your trip and, if you wish, we can book your accommodation for you.

The routes we offer are accessible to all, whatever your level of "paddling" as our Quebecois friends say.

They are an excellent way to familiarise yourself with this water sport.

A canoeing trip in the Gorges du Tarn is fun and perfectly adapted to people who are attracted by discovery and roaming.

You wish to

  • Cross grandiose landscapes;
  • Discover exceptional panoramas from a new point of view;
  • Take the time to stop and enjoy a small, isolated beach...

A kayak trip seems just right!

Try our relaxing stay in Saint-Chély du Tarn : a 47 or 32 km circuit to be covered in two days, and a night in a hotel in Saint-Chély du Tarn.

When kayaking, relaxation and tranquillity come together, it's because you've chosen Canoe 2000 in the Gorges du Tarn!

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