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Canoeing in the majestic Gorges du Tarn

Canoeing and outdoor sports in the Gorges du Tarn, Canoë 2000 in South of France
With their dizzying, sometimes torrential flow, the waters of the Tarn have carved out majestic and impressive gorges over the years.
This tributary of the Garonne is one of the most famous rivers in the south of France.

The Tarn rises in the Cévennes mountains of the Lozère.
Its course has shaped the spectacular landscapes so typical of the south of France, which attract so many visitors every year.

To get to know this extraordinary place, you have a choice:

  • Admire its cliffs from afar, by hiking on the causses that overlook them;

  • Or experience its turquoise waters by canoeing down the Gorges du Tarn.

Canoeing: the best way to discover the Gorges du Tarn

The Canoë 2000 base is located in the heart of the Gorges du Tarn. An ideal location for canoeing and outdoor sports enthusiasts.

If you're looking for a quiet ride on the water, or if you're not afraid of getting wet, take your pick from the different routes on offer.

The beginner's circuits are peaceful, tranquil waterways. Their ease of access and the stunning scenery they take you through are a delight for the novice paddler.

For the more experienced, we offer longer tours. Day-long or multi-day hikes through stunningly beautiful areas.
You'll discover remote areas that are sometimes only accessible by river.

Whichever route you choose, you'll pass through unforgettable landscapes and enjoy breathtaking views.

Unforgettable Gorges du Tarn: Grand Site d'Occitanie

You'll be amazed to discover a canyon carved out by the Tarn between two causses: the Méjean and the Sauveterre.
You are in the Gorges du Tarn.

A sublime and grandiose natural site, it is one of the emblematic Grands Sites of Occitanie. The Gorges du Tarn are one of the most spectacular landscapes in France.

Large canyons with dizzying cliffs, turquoise waters that are sometimes calm and other times more torrential... Everything about this exceptional site seems to exist solely to thrill you.
On land or water, this place is an invitation to fabulous journeys.

An unspoilt, welcoming place where nature reigns supreme, it's an ideal place to try your hand at paddling.
By canoe, you'll pass through beautiful, picturesque villages.
The Gorges du Tarn are home to many hamlets nestling on the banks of the river or semi-troglodytic. Some are isolated and can only be reached on foot or by river.

In the silence and calm of this natural environment, you can glide along the tranquil water.
In a canoe, kayak or paddle, your light, manoeuvrable craft will take you to deserted spots that are invisible from the road.
An unforgettable experience, you'll feel as if you're all alone in the world for a few hours...

The majestic Gorges du Tarn offer an unforgettable canoeing experience.

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