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Fun on the water and paddling: finding the perfect balance!

Paddle in the Gorges du Tarn - Canoë 2000 near Millau in Aveyron South of France
A summer's day in the Gorges du Tarn.The sun has warmed the atmosphere.
The beaches, crowded with holidaymakers, are inviting you to swim and relax on the warm sand.
Just next door flows the river with its cool, inviting waters.

Canoë 2000 offers you the chance to discover these famous meanders in an original and innovative way.
Let yourself glide along the peaceful, tranquil waters,
Enjoy the pleasure of a calm and silent descent, standing on a paddle.

2 good reasons to try Stand Up Paddle

  • The originality of the Stand Up Paddle lies in the posture of its user.

When you stand up, you get a completely different view of your surroundings.
Whereas canoeists and kayakers keep their eyes close to the shore, paddleboarders, as our Quebecois friends call them, have a wider, more expansive view of the places they cross.And that's something to look forward to when you consider that the descents on offer take you through majestic landscapes.

  • SUP is a fun water sport that can be practised solo, in pairs or even as a family.

It's accessible and has many benefits for body and mind;

- It improves balance,
- It tones the muscles: legs for stability, abdominal muscles, shoulders, arms and back muscles for rowing and moving the board forward,
- It allows the mind to rest and fully appreciate the present moment.

Standing on a paddle, you'll be doing physical activity without even realising it...

But above all, you'll be dazzled and enjoy seeing the Gorges du Tarn in a different light.

. Pagayeurs, debout sur votre SUP, vous pourrez glisser à la surface de l'eau. Stand on your SUP and glide along the surface of the water. Discover the little coves and their deserted beaches, hidden away in the heart of the meandering Gorges du Tarn.

Canoë 2000 is inviting you to take a walk, standing on the water.

A few strokes of the paddle will give the paddle some movement, and then you can just let yourself glide along. Quietly.
Raise your head and let your gaze wander off into the distance, discovering the splendours of the majestic environment of the Gorges du Tarn.
You'll enjoy a new, more original viewpoint. You'll be alone in the middle of the river.

Alone or not. The activity can also be enjoyed in pairs or even as a family. For more conviviality.
The exercise will always consist of finding and keeping your balance, standing on the water.

At Canoë 2000, with friends or family, you can choose the descent that suits you best.

Solo, in a duo or in a group of 4 or 5 people; with a paddle, anything's possible!

To get off to an easy start and familiarise yourself with the technique of paddling, Canoë 2000 offers a discovery tour of the Tarn gorges: 8 km La Malène/le Cirque des Baumes

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