Introductory circuits

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Canoeing or kayaking in the Tarn Gorges

Introductory circuits

Are you new to canoeing or kayaking? Do you like paddling? Our introductory tours are there to help you discover this activity. You'll see,
it's not as complicated as all that and... it's good for your morale! With family or friends, spend unforgettable moments in our beautiful region.

The "Initiative"

8 km : La Malène - Le Cirque des Baumes

  • Free departure from 9am to 6pm

Circuit from 1h30 to 2h with departure from La Malène at our base under the bridge. The departure is free: you decide on the departure time.

This descent crosses the most beautiful part of the Gorges du Tarn: "Les Détroits". It is accessible to all and allows you to discover a fun activity in
a splendid landscape! On arrival, a shuttle bus will take you back to La Malène every hour according to your wishes.


Canoe descent gorges du Tarn

The "Inoubliable"

11 km : La Malène - Le Pas de Soucy

  • Free departure from 9am to 3pm.

Circuit of 2 to 3 hours with departure from La Malène. This descent will make you cross the mythical part of the Gorges du Tarn where each
stroke of the paddle will make you discover, with your family or friends, a grandiose landscape, the Détroits, La Croze...
For the return journey, a shuttle bus will take you back to La Malène every hour with a short tourist report.


Gorges du Tarn Descentes en canoe kayak

Desire for relaxation or leisure in the Gorges

We know the Gorges du Tarn, it's a bit... our job! Don't hesitate to contact us so that we can organise a memorable stay together: a good mix of
more or less sporty activities and relaxation, so that everyone can enjoy it!
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