Supervised activities

Caving, canyoning, Via Ferrata... in the heart of the Tarn Gorges and the Cévennes

Supervised activities and thrills

In the heart of the Tarn Gorges and the Cévennes, come and discover outdoor sports and the natural riches of our territories: caving, canyoning, adventure courses, Via Ferrata... This is an original and fun way to get to know the Lozère region.

The "Bureau des Moniteurs" is certified by the French Federation of Speleology in caving and canyoning. It is committed to developing its activities in accordance with the rules of safety, supervision, ethics and environmental protection.

A single motto: Let yourself be guided!

Caving : discover the seventh continent

Enter this universe of legends and myths. The underground world remains enigmatic and mysterious. The cave, a place of fantasies, stirs up our subconscious.
Come and discover the hidden face of the Gorges du Tarn and the Grands Causses and discover the unknown by the light of your lamp...

Create shadows on the walls, then listen to the sound effects of the oozing drop of water and the echoed and distorted flow.

Canyoning : Sensations garanteed !

Jumps, water, fun. For millions of years, water has cut into the Lozère massif, revealing sometimes deep gorges dotted with waterfalls, pools and entirely natural slides. These playgrounds are an attraction for all  publics. Walking, abseiling, swimming and jumping. A cocktail of emotions in wild spaces of great beauty.

To practice canyoning it is essential to know how to swim.

We provide you with a wetsuit (jacket and trousers) and neoprene socks, helmet and harness. As well as waterproof bags and canisters, depending on the canyon.

The haut Tarn Canyon, from 6 years old

The Haut Tarn canyon is a fun canyon located in the foothills of the Mont Lozère. It is very open and all the obstacles can be bypassed for the less adventurous.

It consists of a series of jumps and slides that do not require the use of ropes. The canyon runs on the gentle slopes of Mont Lozère in an unspoilt natural setting on the edge of the forest and a little upstream from the village of Pont de Montvert.

The Tapoul Canyon, from 12 years old

This is the flagship canyon of the area, located above the village of Les Rousses.

It consists of a series of waterfalls that can be crossed by jumps, slides or by using rope techniques such as abseiling or tyrolean traverse.

The obstacles are up to 10m high. No jumping is required and you can always choose to use the rope.

Via Ferrata or Via Corda

Your day begins in the heart of the Gorges du Tarn, in the village of Sainte Enimie, in one of the "most beautiful villages of France".

We will meet you in front of the Sainte-Enimie Instructors' Office or on the way depending on where you live.

After a reminder of the safety rules inherent to the practice of Via Ferrata, you will begin your course by walking on the wall with metal bars. All this while being attached to a safety cable.

Vertigo and adrenaline are the order of the day... Take the high road!

We provide you with a helmet and a harness with shock absorbing lanyards and a pulley.

Remember to take :

  • Trainers
  • Hiking clothes (trousers or shorts, sweater and windbreaker)
  • For the day, backpack with picnic and water bottle.


You are a school, a company, a camp... If you are preparing an outing in the Gorges du Tarn, we can offer you a descent supervised by qualified instructors.

All the equipment is provided: water bottles, life jackets, paddles and return by shuttle. The instructors will help you discover the activity, the site and the fauna and flora of the Gorges du Tarn.

For everyone!

The raft

Unlike mini-raft, rafting is a supervised activity. In order to guarantee you an unforgettable day, we work with Aqua Loisir. They will ensure that you can practice this natural sport in complete safety.

Between Les Vignes and Le Rozier, discover different sensations from canoeing!

For more information on this activity, feel free to contact us.

vtt cirque de pougnadoire

Texte (suite) Trotinette électrique et photo

Randonnée sur le causse Sauveterre (point GPS transmis).

 Durée et tarif

1H 30€

2H 50€

1/2J 70€.

Prévoir tenue adaptée (chaussures fermées),

Equipement de sécurité fournit

< >La Trotinette-eletrique

Desire for relaxation or leisure in the Gorges

We know the Gorges du Tarn, it's a bit... our job! Don't hesitate to contact us so that we can organise a memorable stay together: a good mix of
more or less sporty activities and relaxation, so that everyone can enjoy it!
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