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Canoeing or kayaking in the Gorges du Tarn :focus on our equipment

Canoeing or kayaking in the Gorges du Tarn, quality equipment
For your holidays with family or friends, you have found the activity that will make everyone happy: canoeing. And if you are here, it is because the Gorges du Tarn have seduced you to enjoy a real nature break.

If you want your canoe or kayak tour to run smoothly kilometer after kilometer, you need to be well equipped! Today, Canoë 2000 tells you a little bit more about its equipment.

Recent and quality equipment

Canoeing and kayaking are undoubtedly the flagship activities of the Gorges du Tarn. The aim of our base? To satisfy our customers with the quality of our services: since its beginnings in 1986, Canoë 2000 has aimed to offer quality material and equipment.

As far as the canoes and kayaks we supply are concerned, we have chosen to work with models adapted to the Tarn river. We offer self-draining unsinkable canoes of different models: Tarka or real canoes of the Old Town (Riviera) or Inca type. The Old Town type has a simple hull. It is ideal on calm rivers to carry more equipment, to pretend to be an Indian or to accept dogs more comfortably.

Our self-bailing kayaks also come in different models such as the Taiki or the Kompak, but we still have real kayaks Badria from Prijon.

As you can see, we have many models of canoes and kayaks. Don't worry, if you are not a connoisseur, our team will be able to advise you on the choice of the right equipment.

For your descent, we also provide you with paddles, safety waistcoats and a waterproof container for each boat. The latter will allow you to take your picnic and the things you want to protect from water (phone, camera...) with you. The equipment we provide is recent, of high quality and meets CE standards. Moreover, we clean and disinfect them regularly.

Now that the technical point is made, let's move on to the practical side: the circuits! Canoë 2000 offers various canoeing and kayaking trips suitable for all profiles. Are you new to canoeing and kayaking? Our introductory circuits will be perfect to start : from La Malène, discover 8 or 11 km long circuits. You will cross the most beautiful part of the Gorges du Tarn: "les Détroits".

Would you like to see a little more of the landscape during your journey? Discover our day tours of 13 to 24 km from St Énimie or St Chély du Tarn. For the more sporty, we offer canoe or kayak trips. For a weekend or more, enjoy tours of 32 to 47 km.

Whatever circuit you choose, it is also important to be equipped for the heat. Remember to take sun cream, closed shoes and a hat with you! Our base also sells river shoes and sun creams and any accessories (portable bag, waterproof bag, etc.) in case you forget.

Are you planning a holiday in the south of France? Come and visit us! Close to the A75 motorway and 40 minutes from the famous Millau Viaduct, come and discover the Gorges du Tarn. We will offer you a variety of circuits and quality equipment.

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